Arcafroz Logistics offers services of refrigeration storage. Our facilities provide high standard control systems for the storage of every kind of product.

We address to producing or commercial food companies as well as to producers of agricultural products who need storage and delivery services.



  • Storage of refrigerated and frozen products.
  • Storage under controllable conditions of modified atmosphere (ULO), (suggested for apple and pear preservation).
  • Special storage under high humidity conditions (cool refrigeration is suitable for cheese preservation into wooden barrels).
  • Special storage under low temperature conditions for beehives.
  • Areas for dairy product ripening.
  • Our warehouses are equipped with direct access shelf system. (suitable for the preservation of metal bottles and hard cheese).
  • Stock administration in accordance with traceability rules.
  • On-line connection with the customer for stock information and orders.
  • Preparation of orders with the FIFO rule.
  • Product delivery and collecting by proprietary or cooperating public utility trucks – Refrigerators.
  • Cross Docking services.
  • Product stevedoring.

(4PL) Logistics development in Peloponnese

The main advantage of 4PLs is that they offer high transparency in the logistics management chain of the business as well as constant improvement in the transactions among logistics suppliers.


Our computerized infrastructure for our project support

Proof Of Delivery P.O.D.

Delivery net

At the moment, our net covers the counties of Attica, Arcadia, Argolis, Laconia and Messini.

Our goals

  • Efforts in reducing the cost of the logistic chain.
  • Stock improvement.
  • Creation of value.
  • Delivery streamlining.

The result

  • Facilitation in the innovation of the logistic chain.
  • Η πρόβλεψη των μελλοντικών τάσεων στις αλυσίδες εφοδιασμού.
  • Response time reduction to the final customer.
  • Development of new technologies and processes.
  • We ensure our support on our customers’investments.
  • Specification of our customer behavior and of their needs.

From our experience, we are aware of the fact that purveyance chains do not really care about the extent and amount in which a plan is completed or a process is disciplined; it does not matter if the selection of the best practice is rational, when all are incorporated in the issue of what is called “company culture”.
The more discreet the culture and the company habits in a purveyance chain are, the more significant this factor becomes for the success of the changes.