Variety: Apples Delicius Pilafa (PDO)

Delicius Pilafa apples got their name from the creator of the variety, IliasPilafas, originating form Kerasia of Skyritis, and its history sounds like a fairy tale.

Ilias Pilafas

The variety got its name from its creator, IliasPilafas

The apples got their name from the creator of the variety, IliasPilafas, who came from Kerasia of Skiritis and his story sounds like a fairy tale.

This American variety has the name Golden Russet, resembles the Pilafas apples and is still rare, whereas it is very popular among well- informed American people that consider it as a heirloom.

IliasPilafas hybridized the seeds with the local variety and created the new Greek species

With a lot of effort the new apple tree rooted, the information was spread to the farmers and fields and this completely new variety was born in this particular soil and climate.

The fertile plateaus around the city of Tripolis in Arcadia are the only place where the DeliciusPilafas Apples (PDO) are cultivated.

The apples are gathered in late October and are available until June.

The secret

... lies in their unique and full of aroma taste

Their red-golden colour, their irregular shape and their rough surface may not give the best first impression, but the apple specialists know that the secret lies in their unique and full of aroma taste, a taste that makes the apple so special.

This uniqueness makes the DeliciusPilafas (PDO) a variety for more fine tastes. The flavour of the apple is so discreet, different from any other apple, delicious and aromatic, without being too sweet.

For those who know, this unique taste is more obvious when the fruit is eaten raw, however it is also an excellent everyday companion in cooking, baked with raisins and cinnamon, apple pies, in pastry, cooking and salads.

Nutritional Value

An apple a day… keeps many illnesses away!

Due to its low glycaemic index, the apple is suitable for people who must keep the sugar stable (e.g. diabetics), since its consumption does not cause a sudden increase in blood glucose levels.

It is remarkable the fact that there are significant findings that classify the apple among the foods that prevent and protect from dental health problems (e.g. periodontal issues).

Why the Delicius Pilafa apple?

Pilafas apple provides with all the aforementioned advantages (fibres, quercetin, flavonoids, low glycaemic index, dental health). Pilafas apple belongs to the varieties of apples with the largest amount of vegetable fibres.

One Pilafas apple offers more than the 25% of the necessary vegetable fibres required for the average adult daily.

The subacid taste of the Pilafas apple indicates the increased polyphenols content, compared with other varieties.

More specifically, Pilafas apple is a great source of phenolic acids, including also antioxidant, antimicrobial, antiviral and anti-cancer properties.

Polyphenols are a very important substance, taken into account that their content is not affected by the length of storage, but, on the contrary, it seems to be increasing.

Pilafas apple distinguishes itself for the desirable sub-acid taste with many fanatic consumers that constantly increase.

t has exquisite different aromas and if we consider the report of the Yale University focusing on the tranquilization of the apple scent (Damian P. & Damian K., 1995), then we are talking about the primarily “soothing apple”…

Organoleptic Characteristics

An apple a day… keeps many illnesses away!

Production chain

The harvest of apples is made in the middle of October and they are available in the market until the end of April. The packaging of the product depends on the demands of each of our customers.

CULTIVATION During the whole production process of agricultural products we cooperate with technical advisers for the effective rational use of medication and fertilizers.

RECEPTIONOn delivery all products are undergo quality control according to the procedures imposed by the ISO & HACCP Standard.

STORAGE CA technology cooling rooms, equipped with a direct cooling system (ammonia- propylene glycol), with a constant measurement of oxygen, carbon dioxide, temperature and humidity.

SELECTION Modern selection process with the ability to produce 8 tons/hour, selection by weight or size and placing of fruits to water for the prevention of damages during the process.

PACKAGING The packaging of the product depends of the demands of each of our customers.