Novastores – Tripolis

The first NOVASTORES in Arcadia is located in Stadio - Teghea.

Its purpose is to cover the needs of professional agriculturists on issues of fertilizing, crop management and technical support.


The innovative in agricultural facts

We pioneer and introduce innovative practices

- We provide a wide net of meteorological stations with the aim of collecting meteorological data for the prediction of conditions that concern the diseases development.

- We own an established net of pheromon traps for the luring of harmful insects and for the programming of sprays.

- We offer experienced scientific staff, with specialized agronomists per cultivation.

Our executives and partners are greatly experienced in issues of complete applications of fertilizing and crop management.

The high level of specialization and the constant new technologies updating guarantees the high standard services that our store offers.

Our store’s purpose is the development and application of innovative practices on agriculture in total harmony with the environment.

There is a wide range of crop management products, fertilizers, seedlings and tools at the most competitive prices of the market.

NOVASTORES & Environment

Today environmental protection is an urgent necessity.


NOVASTORES cares about it.

- It is no coincidence that the bee has a dominant position on our store logo.

We approach each application of chemical products with regard to complete as well as sustainable agriculture.

In this way, the applications do not have a great effect on the beneficial fauna and flora of the environment.



Today environmental protection is an urgent necessity.


In an ultra-modern and functional area of 350 square metres (pesticide area) and 1500 square metres (fertilizers area) in Stadio – Teghea, NOVASTORES ambitiously manages to satisfy each of your demands.


Contact Info


Phone: 2710557411, Fax : 2710557412, Mobile Phone: 698 0644946

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Store Manager : Morfoula Skavetzou

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