Fresh Pomegranates

Wonderful pomegranate variety is well-known, not only for its special taste and luscious juice, but also for its richness in antioxidants.


Wonderful Pomegranate

Special taste/ luscious juice / antioxidants

Wonderful pomegranate variety is well-known not only for its special taste and luscious juice but also for its richness in anti-oxidants such as polyphenols and various nutrients like Vitamin C and natural fibres.

In Arcafroz we collect Wonderful Pomegranates from Greek cooperating farms, we package them and deliver them into fruit markets and super market chains of Greece and of abroad.

Origin Greece
Variety Wonderful
Seasonality October – March
Packaging Paper Pack 40cm x 30cm
Neat Weight ±4 κιλά
Items per package 6it., 7it., 8it., 8it., 9it., 10it., 12it. & 14it.
Pallets 80cm – 120cm, 17 rows and 100cm - 120cm, 17 rows

Pomegranate Seed

In addition, in Arcafroz, we package pomegranate arils (pomegranate seed) into small plastic packages. You can enjoy them as an easy and fast snack to start your day with or try adding them into your favorite recipes.

Origin Greece
Variety Wonderful
Seasonality October – March
Packaging Small cups MAP(modified atmosphere)
Net weight 150gr., 200gr. & 500gr
Items per container 12x150gr., 8x200gr. & 4x500gr


General Information

As symbols of fertility, prosperity and abundance, pomegranates have been found in several remarkable archaeological sites.

Pomegranates are mentioned in the Old Testament as one of the seven seeds of the Israel land, as well as in the Greek and Roman Mythology and the Koran, in which they are characterized as “the paradise seed”.

Many studies show that pomegranate is one of the most powerful and nutritious food for a well-being. Pomegranates are highlighted as global “super fruits”.

- Offers the most powerful antioxidant activity of all fruit.
- Entails strong anti-cancer activity and it is beneficial for the immune system.
- Suspends the irregular accumulation of platelets, which could cause heart attacks, strokes and thromboembolic disorders.
- Reduces blood pressure.
- Vitamin C is abundant in pomegranates.
- In addition, pomegranates are rich in vitamin E, which contributes to the regular formation of red blood cell
- It is a rich source of diluted and undiluted natural fibres, which are beneficial for the proper function of the digestive system.
- It has anti-inflammatory action in different areas of the human body.

Studies show that all the aforementioned pomegranate qualities contribute to the prevention of cardiovascular diseases, prostate cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes and erection dysfunction.